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if. it's a matter of when whena huge bounty... and new hunt foo a former cop... accussd of killing 3 people...whaatnew surveillanne video reveals about the suspect suspectweathhr -3 weather 3 john leopold... resigns frrm office...the prominent republican... thht mayá take 3 placedr. ben ccrson, johns hopkins pediatric neurosurgeoo: 18.50 "i had o pdea thattit was gging to, you know, go viral." vvral."doctor ben carson's critical speech... in front of the president...why he says the u-s... is inndanger of falling... like tte roman empire -33 p,3 good evening.i'm jennifer
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gilbert.anne arundel ounty will soon gt a new leader. the county couucil has 30 days to elect a replacementt foo john leopald, who rsignnd as coonty executive after he was convicted him of pisconduut.tooight -- maryland'' former ffrst lady... ttlls melinda rreder - 3 job. 3 look live intro 3& 23:40:20 "i think if the voters were able to decidee &pthis, i would definitely be the strong frontrunner in this -3 scenarii."kendel ehrlich issno ssranger to oliticss.. butt this week... shh's workkng on a campaign of her own.lobbying ssuport mong council members.... whom she hopes
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will select er to fill the now--accnt eattof anne arundellcounty execctivv.a uniquely qualifieddfor. hhr -3tto biggest ssrengths??? name -33&precoonition... and being a woman.23:37:20-29 "i think itt woouddgive reat ppeasure to -3 theewwmennof theecouutt to have a little dignitt.....ovee the last monnhs."former exxcutive john leopold officially stepppd down friday... after a jury found &ppim guulty of misconducct hh apaprently used his policc detail to tasks such as putttng up campaign signs... aad keepinn tabs on plitical ooponents..ehrlich says - if she wins council's support to ffll his seat -- politics won't be a distraction. becauseeshe says she has no plans to rrn forrtte posiiion in 2014.....wwen leopold's term xpires. 23:38:03-20 "i just think that the countyydeserves someone who can come decisions... and i won't 3 be out there raising money." look live tag
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3 candidates have o apply for the positiin by friday. hey are alllinvited toopartiiipate in aacandidate forum thursday night. ssate delegate steee -3 schuh is alss said to be interesteddin the job....along - 3 hear everything endel ehrrich saiddto us toddy...go to fox- baltimore dot com slass raw news a teeeager in montgomery coonty ffces murder charges as an the deeth of his baby siiter sisttrinvestiggtoos ssy it happened inssdd this apartment in white ak.the mothhr of the baby... gloria anes... left thursday night.thh baby's prother - 14 eea old jonathhn aguiluc - was watcchng the baby aguiluc told police that... he covered herrmouth and nose
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with his hands.. trying to get - her to stop. iq: i hink a judgee ooud be &pvery hard pressed 3 oq: fight that transfer transferaguuluc is being held wittout bond. new tonight...there is now a 1 & information leadinn to the 3 officer christopher dorner dorrerhe's accused of killing &p3 people.... apparently on a - rampage againsttpooice.this is after the daughter oo aaafter the ..juss 12 hours morning... takennmonday morning.....just 11 hours after the daughter of a retirrd l-a-p-d officer and & her fiance were reported killed it shows fugitive christopper dorner's truckkand a man who appears ttobe dornee throwing items in a dumpster.just hours
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lattr...a worker found a magazine full offbbllets, a military belt and aahelmet..he dumpster... was across the street from a police staaion. 3 villaaaigosa sayy: "we're all 3 sttnn united ann saa we will notttolerate a killer their families, targeting innocent peoole in thii cityy -3 and in thii region." region." the one million reward is theelargest ever offfred in a southern california investigation. he money was raiied from 3 contributions from area businesses p3 3 peopleewere urt affer a -3 shuttle bus overturned near -3 haapened near the innersection of route 170 andd terminal road... about 9 this morning.1 person refused to be treated...the other 2 were ttakn to the hospital with 3 ann dozens of firefighterss batttedda hhuse fire on
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providence roaddii towson thhs took about an & control.7 peoppe were living &pin he hhme.nooone was hurt. 3 dr. ben carson in he national spottlght this weekend..... 3 comments last week..... at the paullgessler sat down ttdaay -3 neurosurgeon at johhn hopkiis.... to talk about the 3 of presiddet obama. obama. 3dr. carron: (gasps) "ddd ou hear that? and, they can't hear aaything else you say. -3&pthe pc pooice are out in ffrce pmorning, alongsideepresident obama,dr. ben caason at prayer breakfast: "and, if you doo't &pthink that can happen to america, you get out yyur books, and you start readdng." neerosuugeon doctor ben carson's keynott made national news.dr. ben carson,,johnn - hhpkins pediatric neurosurgeoo:"i haddno idea thaa it was going to, you pnow, go iral."what went viraa: was more thhn 25 minutes of doctor arson's speech, railing agaanst sppeial interests, goveenment size and spendinn.dr. ben - carson,
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johns hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon:"the leades of everyy epartment know where the fat is, so they're gonnn cut the fft hopkins pediitric neuuosurggon: "some things are gonna have to change. sorry!"ddctoorcaaron surrounded by deaaogues.dr. ben carson, johns hopkins -3 pediaatic neurosurgeoo:"my 3 pctually ggt through to him." the speech at theenattonal prayer breakfast... heesays... was ot ddrected at thee caason, johns hoppinn -3&ppediatric neuroourggon:"thiss is not a one-pprty problem. this is a roolem for all off us."since the speech, carson has had several national media interviews.this orring... he stopped by our studio during fox45 morning news with marianne banister. banister. 3 mariaane banisser: "are ou & goinggto run foo oofiie? is that something you're - considering?" dr. carson: "i havv no inttntion of oing thaa."just ddys before president obama ddresses the &pcouutry tuesday in his annual & state of the unnon address, ddctor carson warned he u-s could go the waa of the roman empire if it doesn't curb spendiig.dr. ben carson, ohns hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon: "they just raaidly detiriorated afttr that, and --3 it seems ike we all read the pook and said, 'oh, let's do what they didd' "as ffr critics, whh say the accomplished surgeon should stay in the o-r and away from p-r....he says expect more
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&pspeakiig ouu.dr. ben carson, johnsshopkins pediaaric neurossrgeon:"doctorr were involveddin the framing of the - constitution. and, lso, i'm retiiing from ssrgeryyin junn!" (llughter)doctor carson - sayy the president approached him after his speech... to doctor's wordss nd he was proud of hhm.carson ssys there in baltimore, paul ggssler, fox45 news aa teen 3 hear eeerything he said inn frrnt of theepresident. it is on our - ddt com...look in thh "hot topics" sectiin on the leet side of the screen 33 seeemarianne bbnister's eetire interview withhdoctor carson... go to oor website... fox- "mooning ews" in the neww ab 3 and see paal gessllr's entiir interviiwwwith doctor caaron... uneditee..o to fox- baltimmre dot com lash raw 3 ...and why criitcs sayy..we're & of thh obbma white houss... ...than the administration of
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10 minutes on fox45 news t ttn 3&p millions oo eeple to tte norrh of us still strrggling & to dig ouu after hat massive lizzard. blizzard. at least thhee- feee of snow coverinn places like,,new haven, connectiict. & ore than half a million people lost power at the & heiiht of the storm.hundreds pf thhusand are stilllin the dark.the national guaad was 3 people spent the weekend trying to dig out..residentt obama deccared state of emergency in connecticut today... calling the storm "historic." 3 mos ssys: ""ever seen it this back ii was mine, but that's - the onny thing sticking out of thhesnow." pnow."more than two feet of -3 snow fell in massachusettt.... and a big problem there in &ptowns like saasibury beach...... coastal floodingg ann a sttom surge that ccaght a lot of people by ssrprised anddforced ttem out of their homes,,into shelters. 3 wave came right over the & balcony, throuuh the slider, -
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on top of me. me.anxiety was growing among a lot of people wwo couudn't leave their nnighborrood.aadd &pwereeruuning outtof, the problem of getting rid of all of that snow..he storm, &ptwo weather systems, aafected more than 40 million people. & there have been deaths.... including severrllelderly 3 peoole who died n their cars 3 there is breaking weather news... out of mississippi tonight ponightthis is video... of what ppears to be a large tornado that touched down in hattiesburg this evening.even pin the ddstancee.. you can see its pretty arge......and doing significant damage... the flashes of lightt.. seem po be electrical explosions of & pome kkndd- ...and ere's an up-cllse look at somm of the damage from the tornado...most of this damage southern mississippiiyou can see theeside of one building torn apart...aad windows & leeat 3 people have been injured 3 those tornadoes are from a
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all the wwy to marylandchief us now...vytas... wwat caa we expecc frrm hese ssorms storms 3 a report... by the family of
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joeepaterno...aboot the sandusky sex scandal.after the state's report... waa wrong - 3 sot in 39:18 "whhnnthe obama people come in and say they -3 are thh most transparentt we founn thattnot to be thh ase case the sttggering number of requests for informatioo... denied...after the bbeaa
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3 the family of theelate
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football coach joe paterno accuses enn state of a rush & to judgment inn he erry sandusky child ssx abuse case. case. ppaerno's family released their new report - todaa on their web sitt former thornburgh reviewed f-b-i director louis freeh's report on the sandusky sex scaadal. the freeh report blamed paterno, the universsty and &pother college peesoonel for covering up sandusky's crimes. thornburgh sys the freeh report was "factually wrrng, -3 specuuative and undamentally flawed "...and hat it was was based on raw speculation nd unsuppooted opinion.paterno head football cach after the scandallbrrke.he ieddof - cancer in januury of 2012. protests at the internntional auto shoo at the convention center today ttdayvw vw shaae on youvw vw - shame on you & you several groups protestedd downtown...including "united agaanst nucllaa iran"the pbaltimore zionist istrict""- ...and
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shalom u-s-a radio... prooest against & ther car makers...for doing business in iran. 33 iq::stop selling cars ii iranm 3 oq: threateniiggworld peace peace"united against nuclear iiaa" says it has pessured seeerallauto-makers tt sttp doing business in iran... including hyundai and general mmtors the obamaaadministration is under fire tonight for its pack of members of ongress are &pdemanding to know why thh the releese of information & under he freedom of informatton national reporter kristen frazao rrports ---transparency seems & like a 'distant idea' --far from what president obama - prrmised. 3 3 before barack bama won his first presiddntial electtin - he crrticizeddhis prrdecessor and promisedda transparent & overnment.[take sot obama ]in
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1000:8 "itts noocoincidence & that one of the mosttsecretive administrations in our hiitory 3 inteeestt and public policies thaa could not tanddup to the &psuulight, as presiddnt i'm going to change that."trt=:11 [broll obama -- broll of &pthomas fitton]not only has 3 far worse thaa george w. -3push's policy was on open records.thomms fitton is president of 'judicial watch'' --a watchdog group.[take sot thomas fftton]sot in 39:18 "when the obama people come in and ssy they are the mst & transparent, we foond that not 3 requests - trying to get basic informationn"trt=;10 'watchdogs' are not the only -3 ones complaining -- ann elijah cummings, the top - house oversight and government reforr coomittee want to know why the juutice ddparttent haa a huge backlog of freedom off infoomation requests .ourr pnvestigative media partner, the washington guardian added up the number f pennrecord requests deeied in jjst one yeaa.[phillip swarts]]ot in
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denied 200,000 petitions." trt=:05[[tannup wwth stack of foia ettees]"as a reporter, pts frustrating -- this stack of freedom of informaaion pequests senn by my colleagues o departments such as treasury, homeland security, and llbor -- all denied." trt=we werr pprsuiin information such s &pcompennation claims,,,very basic and by law ww all have a i'm kristine frazao reporting.. &pwe did ppt in a reeuest to the whhte hoose for comment. so what appened to all those new ruues for transparency? &pyou can read about it by going -3 to fox-baltimore dot ccm and following theeliik to thee washington ggardian. 3 making military families.the minutes on fox45 news at ttn
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the jaakpot is up to á400 -& dollars.áyour next chance too win in ur freebruary contest... monday on fox45 morning news.
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3 a lot offred filled churchee across baltimore today. today.this was the 9th annual -3 red dress sunday.more than 130 -3 churches encouraged their members to wear red today..... o raise awarrness about heart disease, which is the number one kiiler of women..- people could aals learn aboot heaat healthy living, and risk factors. &p3 women hey are usually takkng are of everybody else, their famiiyyaad teir kids. 3&themselvvs and that's whaa this is all about. dress sunday,
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staated ii 2005 withhjust & is part of an outreach effort by st. &pagnes hospital. 3 it was an incredibleeseason for the ravens...but llst ear ended in heartache...coming up in sports unlimited...we ttke you from nee ngllnd to new -3 orleans...this sssomething every avens fan should see... 3 jason says: "it's not easy to 3 wedding."eepecially, ii youure - in tte ilitary...the group... - easierr..after the breaa
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3 every girl dreams of a beautiiul wedding... but manyymilitary couples never get the opportunity to celebbate a big day with family and friendss elizabeth prann shhres how one -33 group oo volunteers is changing that... - 3 3 por coast guard chief petty officcr jason smithhand hhss & bride manda walking oon he & pisle seemed like an almost iipoosible task. amanda says: -3& "because depllyments, you go wronggand he has to callee out and bb gone ffr a few dayy or a few weeks." or many, tteir wedding day is courrtouse. jason says: "it's not easy to plan a wedding." until weddings for warriors came along. - ttis group of volunteers in savannah ggorgii come togetter duty military couples weddings
10:29 pm
ceremonies.byous says: "the stories are so similar. hee they had very little time, they ran toothe courthouse in &ptee shirt aad jeans with no family, frienns, o piccures." every last detaii to make a wedding special is donated --- the fllwerr. the designer gown. - the food. the venue, & the music -- ven thh hair and makeup..byous ssys: "we had no idea at the depth of nned and i think we had no idea the depth of the community at meaninnful way." 3 for fourryears the group hhs beennhosting weddings once aayear for -& couples who fittthe bill. - one year it was 40 couples, this year it was 0. & áowná rivate ceremony before
10:30 pm
& amanda says: "they wanttto say thank you to all the militarr mmmbers nommttee the branch and it was their way of giving & back." for some oo these thought... would nnver come & true... byous says: all he littte girls ttat dream of their wedding, thess ladies -3 had dreamed it as well and they didn't have it."" in 3 nees. 3 3coming up onnsports unlimited...we count down the ttp 10 raaens' lays offthe - year...see what takes the
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3 whaa a way to wwrk out and
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ápig ootá for a good cause. ccallengein north carolina. participants must run two and raleiggh.. ... eat a & dozen donuts....and run 2 aad a half miles back to the ell tower at north ccrolina tate univeristy...and do it all in less than an hhurtimothy ryan of madison, wiicoosinnwon the - race by finishing n less than & thirty-two minntes.the event raised 177- thousand dollars for the north carolina children's hhspital. 3 3 3 that's all foo the news at uu next bruce cunningham aad suuer bowl season and look ahead tt next year in sports unliiited...bruce and morgaa... 3 coming up tonight on sports pnlimited...what a wwek it's been for the ravens...frrm super bbwl to's a 3& hey turr tteir -3 attention to next yearr..they have to sign oe flacco...
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don't worry ravenn fans...he'' not going anywhere...find out who they could llse based onn-3 what flacco ett... 3 and we recap the avvns peason...firrt, we coont down & the top 10 ravens plays of he yearr..let theedebating begin... bbgin...then, we ttke ou from &pthe agony in oxborough last season....toothe celebration in new orleans...ww've got - something every ravenssfans should see... &psee... and joe flacco hass been whisked around the world siice his mvp performance... prom disney to fashion eek... hear from the avvns quarterback every step of the way...sports unlimited sttrts &p

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